Going cross country with 6 arms…I think.

Maybe you know Ken Stanek,
as this guy…
Los Marcos Polo
or as the co-founder of the short bike related film festival:
Ken has been a real fixture in the NYC bike community, hosting events, racing and running various bike/messenger related websites.
Now Ken and his buddies, Quinn and Andy are heading across the country on bikes:
You can follow along on their exploits including a recent test camping trip to Bear Mountain, in the rain, at their website:
So far we don’t know where the name comes from. Something about an amputated arm, that non of these guys have.
These guys also are looking for a hand…ha ha, in regards to possible places to stay along the route:

In Ken’s words:
“If anyone’s got any friends who live somewhere along our route –
particularly if you know someone who lives in a town of population < 150 in the middle of Wyoming or something, roofs over our heads and showers might be spectacular at certain points. It sure will beat setting up our tent behind a barn or a bear cave. Bears come out of hibernation this time of year, and they're hungry."

Good luck guys!

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