Kissena Baby!

The track is back. The Kissena Velodrome is open for operation for the 2009 track season.

The NY Times city room blog had an article on the track featuring director John Campo. Also featured are Hugo Giron and Colin Miller of Snap Delivery.

Part of their SPOKES series.
April 28, 2009, 11:16 am
City Room: Velodrome Tradition Lives on in Queens
by J. David Goodman
Photos: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times.

It has been more than a half-century since New Yorkers last flocked in great numbers to see cyclists tear around banked velodrome tracks at the center of Manhattan. Easy to forget, then, that Madison Square Garden, in its earlier incarnation off 26th Street and Madison Avenue, played host to major races watched by tens of thousands of spectators (some undoubtedly attracted, in the days before Nascar, by the prospect of spectacular crashes.) Or that team racing events known as “Madisons” — devised in the early part of last century to mitigate racer fatigue in events that could stretch to six days — were invented here, under some pressure from local lawmakers and the news media. Velodromes also existed in the Bronx and in Coney Island in Brooklyn. (Both were destroyed by fire.)

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In the comments section of the post I did see this link to some nostalgia. There used to be a velodrome in the Bronx.


From the Cole Thompson’s Blog: a posting about the old velodrome and NYC cycling history here.

We’ve come along way from Edmond Jacquelin riding on a dirt velodrome.
Photo from Hype in Japan

Meanwhile, Kissena opened up this past weekend.

Check out photos and a report from John Prolly.
Picture of Alex from Affinity by Tyler J. Clemens

Also this summer, will be the latest installment of: Velocity.

A 7 city tour of velodrome racing for messengers and urban riders to win tickets to the 2009 Cycle Courier Championships in Tokyo Japan.

hosted by Cyclehawk couriers of NYC.

The tour will be coming to Kissena, July 25th.
There has already been one event in Los Angeles which took place April 19th.
Check out the video of Miss and Out.

check out pictures at Rollin on dem twenties, flickr set.

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