More about this stolen bike

Sorry for the delay. I was waiting on a picture of the bike itself. So it turns out the Bianchi Milano was stolen on Houston and Mercer in front of the Angelika theater in Manhattan. The lock that was broken was a Kryptonite KryptoLok U-lock
which sells for about $25.00.
These are good for locking a back wheel, but shouldn’t be relied on for the main lock of the bike.
Also if there may be some strategy to not looking a bike near a movie theater, which gives the impression to thieves that they have at least an hour and a half to steal your bike. I had a bike stolen locked to the bike racks at the 2nd Ave and 11th St. movie house, but that had a fairly crappy lock.
It sucks to think that you can’t just ride your bike to a movie in NYC without going to great lengths to strategize about where to lock up…but…its something to think about. Why not put it near a pizzeria or place that has food delivery so as not to be a more obvious target.

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  • s

    This is what I always ask when I hear that someone has their bike stolen, because I think it’s the most useful information for everyone that rides a bike in nyc: where was it locked up, and what lock was used?

  • weenie

    that lock doesn’t look like much at all. for $35 ($10 more) you can get the OnGuard PitBull Mini U lock, the advantage of this lock is that, unlike the one above, in addition to being much shorter which will make it harder for them to crack open w/ a crowbar, is that they would have to smash and break both ends of the lock, vs smashing one side and swiveling it over. OnGuard stands behind the technology and design of their locks and is the more popular U in most shops. far cheaper than Kryptonite, a no-brainer if you ask me. over the past month I have been documenting how new yorkers lock up their bikes and sadly, Ive only come across a dozen out of hundreds that aren’t locked up properly at all.

  • cr

    weeinie – start a blog about what you’ve seen. actually, maybe don’t as thieves (or budding-thieves) will see it.

  • weenie

    cr: the blog/site is in progress and will be up soon :)