100 bumble bee ride.

Ok, now I’ve heard everything…

Saturday June 13th.

Leslie, sent me this email…
“Make your own bumble bee costume, grab your bike, helmet, honey pots and lets ride over the Williamsburg bridge. You have to wear a costume or something that honors the bumble bee spirit; yellow and black strip socks are acceptable. Be creative, please come in something bumble beeish.

Why ride over the bridge in a bumble bee costume? because bees are great, I love honey and I eat B pollen, I think it would be fun to ride over the bridge with a group of people in bumble bee costumes and also to raise money for Imani House adult literacy program.

This is not a race just a nice bike stroll. Bikers share the lane with pedestrians on the bridge so we have to be alert to the people on feet.

Bring your cameras, smiles, warmth, beauty, friends and love. If you would like to bring your instruments please do, I’m sure bumble bees love music.

We gather at the Manhattan side at 4pm and ride over the bridge at 5pm.

As part of my bumble bee ride I will try to fundraise money for Imani House adult literacy program where I volunteer. I am asking everyone one who plans on coming if you can donate $5 or more to this great program. If you don’t have any money to donate please don’t worry, please show up, please still come, please bring your friends.”

More info at…Yep, there is a website for this: 100

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