Biker of the week: Jean Andre Vallery of the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund

I ran into Jean Andre Vallery at Interbike back in 2007. A really interesting guy and dedicated to the BMEF. He set up this organization to give money to injured bike couriers who are demanded upon to perform a crucial service for the business community and aren’t given proper health insurance coverage.

picture […]

Got this sweet logo from Nick James

Nick made me this great logo for the blog.


Nick James is a very talented artists, biker and alleycat racer. You’ve seen some of his work floating out there on many of the prominent bike blogs.

He made Prolly into an action comic star…

Check out his website, and blog. […]

Historic Court Case begins tomorrow.

Tomorrow the Critical Mass saga continues.

The Five Borough Bicycle Club will begin a trail with the NYPD over its crackdown on cyclists rights and group rides. Here is a bit of information from Time’s Up:

While environmental awareness and bicycle ridership continue to increase in New York City, the road to this […]

Tour d’Italia turns 100 and Lance rocks a new bike design from Fairey.

It’s the 100th Anniversary of the Giro D’Italia. This is Italy’s Tour De France and you can follow along on my favorite pro cycling blog:

The Race kicked off on Saturday, May 9th with a team time trial. Check out this homemade wrap up from

Yep Lance is back in […]

Happy Mother’s Day…I think.

Hope everyone had a happy Mother’s Day… Maybe not as good as these guys…