ok, maybe I’m getting all soft and mushy…

Being a new dad…I’m now taking a second look at stuff like this…

Taga presents…the Stroller Bicycle.

Check out this story on Treehugger.

100 bumble bee ride.

Ok, now I’ve heard everything…

Saturday June 13th. 4pm-7pm

Leslie, sent me this email… “Make your own bumble bee costume, grab your bike, helmet, honey pots and lets ride over the Williamsburg bridge. You have to wear a costume or something that honors the bumble bee spirit; yellow and black strip socks are acceptable. […]

Upcoming events from Time’s Up.

1. VOLUNTEER MEETING- CALENDAR AND EVENTS Monday, May 18th, 7:30 p.m. 156 Rivington Street, between Suffolk and Clinton Streets ****************** 2. PIZZA PLANTING PARTY at the CHILDREN’S MAGICAL GARDEN Friday, May 22nd, 2 p.m Corner of Norfolk and Stanton Streets ****************** 3. MECHANICS MEETING Monday, May 25th, 7:30 p.m. 156 Rivington Street, between Suffolk […]

Sunday on Backstage Live, CBS news webcast.

Saturday morning I was invited onto CBS news early morning show webcast called “Backstage Live.” They wanted a bike celebrity such as myself to talk about bike culture in New York City, current state of critical mass and ways of keeping your bike safely locked. Coming from someone who gave his bike away […]

Crackdown in Clinton Hill

Ah, the Police are at it again…bored and strapped for cash. Now the latest sting operation moves to Clinton Hill…watch out. Running red lights can cost you $120.00 in fines and do nothing for safety.

Check out this article from May 12th in the Brooklyn Paper. Mike McLaughlin reports from his Mean Streets column. […]

Routes out of the NYC on bike.

James Muessig sent me an email about routes he’s taken on bike outside of Manhattan all the way up to Connecticut. He has some really impressive details about these journeys and has flushed out paved bike paths as well.

Here is a brief example of four routes he’s found to the New Haven area: