Ah, Copenhagen…

Copenhagen, such advancements in the world of human interaction, of transportation, of the bicycle…

While we battle our police just for the right to freely assemble on bicycles, this modern Danish city takes a different approach…

Well, maybe hugs aren’t going to fly in this more reserved city, never the less, perhaps we can learn something.

Check out the blog with the tag line: “Life in the world’s cycling capital.”

Saw this video recently on Made by Colville Andersen, the creator behind Copenhagenize and

Copenhagen – City of Cyclists from Colville Andersen on Vimeo.

Here is a rare opportunity for someone to visit this amazing cycling city.

Chana recently contacted me. He is producing the Bicycle Film Festival in Copenhagen. He will be here in June/July to experience NYC and wanted me to post an idea he had for an exchange:

“Do you have a big spare matrass & would you like to visit Denmark?
We’d like to arrange an apartment exchange or a couch-surfing experience.

You could come and spend some Danish summerdays in lovely Copenhagen – not only voted the world’s best city to live in in but also the trendiest cycling capital of the world!
( and

We’ve already booked our ticket to visit New York for 1,5 week – from June 16th to June 26th – and are looking to exchange our 3 room apartment in Amager for a place in central New York to get to know your city. The apartment is 10 minutes walk from Copenhagen’s city center, 30 minutes walk from the beach and a short trainride from Sweden. Get in touch for more detailed information on our neighborhood and some pictures.

Alternatively: if you’re a nice person with some space for visitors: you could just invite us!
Also, feel free to forward this to your bike-loving friends interested in getting to know Scandinavia.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you – even if the dates are not an exact match.



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