Crackdown in Clinton Hill

Ah, the Police are at it again…bored and strapped for cash.
Now the latest sting operation moves to Clinton Hill…watch out. Running red lights can cost you $120.00 in fines and do nothing for safety.

Check out this article from May 12th in the Brooklyn Paper. Mike McLaughlin reports from his Mean Streets column.

“Police cracked down on rule-breaking bicyclists in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill last Friday, issuing tickets for running red lights and then slapping offenders with additional summonses for minor infractions, including one bicyclist who didn’t have a bell.

The dragnet snared 36 bicyclists on the popular DeKalb Avenue bike lane that links the two neighborhoods with Downtown Brooklyn.

Bikers protested that they’re being prosecuted for victimless crimes.

“I admit the red light was a red light,” said Gideon Levy who was busted on DeKalb Avenue near the police precinct building at Classon Avenue. “But when I go through red lights, I always look to see if pedestrians and cars are coming. There should be a similar attitude as with jaywalking. New York can afford to look the other way as long as the bikers are riding safely.”

read the rest of the article here.

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