Fashion is Dumb and Insensitive. AGAIN.

Ok fashion world…here is a quick lesson for you ONCE AGAIN. A white painted bicycle is for this…2448516993_9236f36344_o
(photo by J Rees)

Not for this…
(Found on trackosaurusrex
Just think about it, when you go out of your way to paint an entire bicycle to use as some prop for a fashion photo shoot because the hard work of cycling activists had made bicycles cool.
Someone out there has lost a loved one who was bravely cycling and being a conscious human being. Why don’t your emaciated models hold up a white painted tombstone over their heads? Equally as fashionable.
I’d just like to strive for making a few images off limits due to their sensitive nature. Just like you wouldn’t use images of a starving child or a woman in a burka. I know your desperate to steal trends to sell over-pirced clothing made in sweatshops. Just be a bit more sensitive to those who have lost their lives for bike riding. Why not just use a bicycle that is actually white or has nice white parts…You know they are doing amazing things with color coordinating bicycle parts.

Ok, thats my PSA for the day.

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  • e

    btw, that ghostbike pictured was installed for:

  • jc

    not to be an ass, but the all-white prop, whether bike, umbrella, or w.e. has been around A LOT longer than the ghost bike…I hear you that the use of the all-white bikes are offensive in your gestalt- but not everyone’s. I would venture that the use of the all-white bike is not a cultural sensitivity offense of the likes of steeling religious garb (your example), but that’s my opinion. E.g., is pink now only for the breast cancer movement? Or yellow for Lance Pharmstrong? The all-white bike is a powerful symbol, but maybe not exclusive. just an opinion.