Ha Ha…Caption this photo.

I saw this on urbanvelo…


Come up with a caption for this photo here.

Some I like so far:

“Dad, where’s the pump ? Aahh, forget it, I’ll get you a new bike!”

“MY BIKE!! THERE IT IS! … you know … over by the wall.”

“To recognize you have a problem is the first step.”

One I came up with:

“Listen honey, some people have a lot of cars…you need a Range Rover, a Ferrari and a Ford Escort. I need a bike for all kinds of situations.”

A few from the urbanvelo comments:

“What if you crossed Lance Armstrong with a cat lady?”
“Joe learned that yelling “party at my place” during critical mass is a bad idea.”
“Okay … Off the roof, onto the trampoline and into the pool … make it, and you win the lot … Miss it, and your bike goes with the others … who also tried … and failed!!!”

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