How was your first bike month weekend?

Seems like the 5 boro got a little rain. How was everyone’s first weekend of bike month?

Let me know.

3 comments to How was your first bike month weekend?

  • Jamie

    Hey Mike,
    I led the Time’s Up! Ride to First Saturday last night- it was actually strangely light… only six of us! One of us figured that everyone was resting up for the 5B.

  • Yesterday I was working in the bike shop (Broadway Bicycle School in Cambridge, MA) and it was INSANE at least 20 people came in to test ride bikes and everyone wants a Spring tuneup. It was one of those days you weren’t sure if you’d get a break or not.

    Today I spent it riding around Somerville for the Open Studios checking out all the art people have for sale. It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to Bike Week here in Boston which starts on the 11th. Free Breakfast for bike commuters all week :-)

  • Ryan

    Did the 5 boro for the first time. In spite of the rain, I really enjoyed it. I decided to pick up a set of SKS race blades the day before. I was really glad I did. With no high pressure spray coming at me off the wheels, it made the ride much more comfortable.

    Anyone know why they don’t encourage a “slower riders keep right” guideline? Would like to see that get implemented.

    I was disappointed that the almost entire Brooklyn leg was on an elevated highway. Avoiding cross traffic was nice, but it would have been fun to see the neighborhoods we were riding through. And the 3 mile stretch in Staten Island to the ferry is without a doubt the crappiest part of the tour.

    My riding mate and I were some of the few to ride fixies, and we certainly heard a lot of comments about it from other riders (“those bikes have no gears!”). My buddy especially, who rode a breakless build. At least ten people asked him “how do you slow that thing down?” Despite my advice, he rode without a helmet. I figured he’d get kicked off the course, but I guess his hood deceived the less than vigilant marshals.

    I personally give props to the unicyclist we chatted with for a bit. That’s one full body workout! Additional props/anti-props to the rider with the stuffed monster on his bike, taking swigs from the seemingly endless supply of beers he had in his saddle bags.

    Ironically, I got through all 42 miles without incident, but on my ride home to Brooklyn, my back tire went flat. I had just had it repaired the week before! Still, better to happen then than in the middle of the tour.

    The rain only made for more of a sense of accomplishment. All-in-all a fun experience.