New Bike Shop in Park Slope

What I don’t suggest doing this weekend:


But what you might want to do is check out this new bike shop which is opening up this evening.
Date: Saturday, May 2, 2009
Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: Brooklyn Bicycles
Street: 375 9th Street at 6th Ave
City/Town: Park Slope, NY (people’s republic of brooklyn)


7 comments to New Bike Shop in Park Slope

  • Speaking of cycling… How annoying is broken glass on a pavement? Jesus – this is what happened to my friend yesterday. He made 30km and his tyre went flat just before she stepped into his flat… ->

  • craig

    I popped in on Saturday. Their selection is mostly Bianchi’s + a couple of Canondales at the moment. ALthough I overheard one of the employees mention they’re getting some cheaper bikes this week.

    I’m looking to buy a bike now i hung around in their for 10mins looking at the bikes and no one asked if they could help.

    There were only 2 people working. Its a problem most PS bikes shops have. Not enough employees and too many people asking how to fix a bell on their bike.

    I went off to Metro Bikes and Toga Bikes where they want to help.

  • detour

    I stopped by there earlier today with a bike I had inherited. I had no idea if it needed a tune-up or any other work; but they gave it a thorough look, put air in the tires and sent me on my way free of charge – all without making me feel like I was intruding on their space or time.

    I found it to be a really nice experience. I wish them luck.

  • no cycle

    no specialist, sorry but they are really sucks…

  • sugarcubed

    Im one of those bike geeks that love just dropping in to talk shop. Dropped in multiple times, Help was always friendly and super-cute, after about dropping in three or four times, since I was looking for a bike, saturday in july ended up dropping some serious money (at least for me) on a new shiny bianchi. Best decision Ive made. So far Ive had a blast this summer on my new ride. I love supporting LBS’s & these guys love what they do. Besides they play great soul & R&B. My kinda place.