ok, maybe I’m getting all soft and mushy…

Being a new dad…I’m now taking a second look at stuff like this…

Taga presents…the Stroller Bicycle.


Check out this story on Treehugger.

4 comments to ok, maybe I’m getting all soft and mushy…

  • working in a bike shop people come in constantly looking for baby seats that go on the handlebars Im against kid in front because in an accident you will land on them not good in my opinon!

  • shyam

    just teach them to ride

  • Anne

    I have been riding tricycles (two front wheels) in Europe and it is a different experience than riding a regular bike. In a tricycle you feel much more stable, especially if you don’t ride very fast (for example, when riding with kids). In a regular bike – if you hit something and fall, the child will fall from a high point, whether in the front or in the back. with tricycle, if you hit something, usually nothing will happen (in case the child is harnessed). here it seems that the bar and footrest protect the child (assuming they are strong enough)

  • nah. I think that’s awesome, but it should also be treated freecycle and get continually passed down. otherwise it’s like a hummer shell with a baby carriage instead of a bust of a mermaid on a sailing ship. Both might be fun to ride though.