Ok people…

If you don’t ride your bikes and they sit in the garage collecting dust…this is what can happen.
This takes twitter to a whole new level…
So get out there and USE those bikes.

Here is a little wrap up from last weeks…National “Bike to Work Week,” part of Bike Month.

Here in NYC.. made a film about Bike to Work Day.

Bike month, bike week, bike month…
Its was a good opportunity to talk about how we get around by bicycle and how bikes will someday rule the planet.

In DC,
Has lots of good pictures of people coming out to bike to work.
Including Mayor Fenty.

The Washington Post had a blurb.
a bit from the Seattle Times.
An article from the Chicago Tribune on 8 ways to live to ride.
and a bit from Wired on how bike friendly is your workplace.

Ok, ok, that week has passed and we can get back to riding our bikes everyday and trying not to get tickets from the Police.


3 comments to Ok people…

  • Agree about not letting the bikes collect dust. One of the problems in NYC is the small storage space available in most of our appartments. It’s not easy jamming a bike into a 500 foot studio.

    Do you store yours? I’ve seen a couple of Bike “garages” but never really knew what to make of them.

  • Michael Green

    My bikes are all over the damn place…storage is a huge deal her in NYC. I want to look into these garages and find out what the deal is.


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