Some good fashion…Outlier Climber Pants

Outlier has made these tailored bike pants answering the call of fellow cyclists who want comfort and style.
Different body types need different clothing, and at Outlier, they are out to make clothing that fits all sorts of cyclists shapes.

The OUTLIER Climber pants are a full on reengineering of slim cut pants for a cyclists world. The innovative vertical yoke removes most of the traditional stress points that cycling generates in a garment, allowing for a free range of movement. The curved waistband is higher in the back to keep certain areas hidden and lower in the front to allow you to lean forward and ride in comfort. The spread back pockets are easy to access and positioned so you don’t sit on them while riding. Cut slim for comfort, form and aesthetics.

Made with Outlier’s 4Season Lotus fabric, these pants have four-way stretch which allow full movement on and off the bike. Quick drying, breathable, water and grease resistant to keep you crisp and comfortable in any situation. Made in New York City and available in Black and Slate Gray at for $180.


5 comments to Some good fashion…Outlier Climber Pants

  • Brian43ny

    I like the look of Outlier stuff. Looks like the guys who make/design it even like to ride even. But the whole “let me put on a pair of $180 pants and go for a ride” thing is just crazy talk. Wearing an outfit from Outlier made for riding is an easy $500 and your wearing a pair of slacks, sweatshirt, and a wool hat.

    I live in NYC so yeah $180 for a pair of pants does not phase me but this stuff is not for riding, its for fashionista’s and hipsters. The riding thing is nothing but marketing angle.

  • Johnson

    Gulp! 180 bucks for pants! Yikes, me not like this!

    Check out his riding shoes too!

  • Just

    I have to agree there is no way that i will ever pay 180 bucks for some pants to ride my bike. I throw on some running pants, roll up the leg and ride.

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