Stolen bike success story.


Steven Harrell had his bike stolen late last year. We posted up on my stolen bikes page. In January, a few people saw it on a police auction website:

Well he got the bike back:

From Steven–
Mr. Green,

I have now a story of great success for your blog. After a series of sincere letters, emails, and phone calls that seemed to go nowhere, and a period of five months during which I bought and equipped a crumby used bike, I had all but given up on any prospect of getting my bike back. But alas, one day my phone rang, and it was a P.O. Rebecca at the Property Clerk Division of the NYPD calling to inform me that he had my bike and I should come pick it up. The next morning I was at their offices in LIC at 7AM and my bike was in my hands. I’m not sure how this happened to turn out in my favor; I had no indication from the NYPD of recieving or acknowledging my correspondance, but they listened, and based on a VERY detailed description of the bike, photos, and web postings (including your blog) they believed me and returned my bike.
Thanks for your help in this matter, and I’m pleased to see the law functioning in the correct way. That’s not to say that my faith in the law enforcement community is restored, but I am leaving this experience a little less cynical than before. My advice to anyone who has their bike stolen is this: 1) File a police report ASAP 2) Know details about your bike and serial numbers 3) Have patience, and dont try to agrivate those who might be able to help you. Good luck to anyone who has his or her bike stolen, and keep up the effort to get it back.
Thank’s Mr. Green for your blog and your support of bicycle advocacy in NYC. Thank you for your help in getting my bike back. Keep up the good work.


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  • Francis

    I just had my bike stolen in NYC last week in Chelsea (6th ave between 26th an 27th st) :( It was a blue Kona Dr. Dew. yes it was a nice bike. They took it, with my chain, and lock.

    I’m interested in knowing the backstory. Did they catch the thief? Where did they find your bike?