Sunday on Backstage Live, CBS news webcast.

Saturday morning I was invited onto CBS news early morning show webcast called “Backstage Live.” They wanted a bike celebrity such as myself to talk about bike culture in New York City, current state of critical mass and ways of keeping your bike safely locked. Coming from someone who gave his bike away on the street to a total stranger, it was clear I was the right person to have on the show.

Thanks to producer Rick Borutta and reporter Cali Carlin Sorensen for having me on.
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Unfortunately this 20 minute interview was only live and I think about 3 people were able to hear our lively debate streamed somewhere between the copy machine and the intern’s desk.
(not me in the photo, by the way…the guest before me)

Anyway we had some good discussions about Critical Mass and I was able to clear up a few mis-conceptions about the bike ride.

Speaking of the latest developments with critical mass…
J. David Goodman, from the New York Times blog, City Room…has a piece on last week’s trail against the parade rules, in his spokes section.

Group Bicycling Goes to Court
A trial began Tuesday morning in United States District Court in Manhattan to determine whether New York City may require groups of 50 or more bikers, pedestrians or “other devices moved by human power” to get a parade permit.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit contend that the rule violates their First Amendment right of assembly and that the New York Police Department, in trying to crack down on Critical Mass rides over the past five years, has selectively enforced traffic laws and engaged in other forms of harassment in violation of the 14th Amendment.

The suit was filed by a diverse collection of riders and groups, including the Five Borough Bike Club, which organizes the annual Montauk Century and other large group rides; Kenneth T. Jackson, the Columbia University historian who organizes a yearly night tour of New York architecture by bike for about 250 students; as well as several individual cyclists who have at times participated in the monthly Critical Mass rides.

Read the rest of the story here.

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  • Hi,

    I may be appearing on the show and would like to ask you what format the show takes?

    I’m based in England so I think it would have to be a webcam feed.