The Bicycle Film Festival is starting its tour in May.

39 cities for the festival this year. Truly a phenomenal achievement to bring cinema about bicycles to various cities all over the world. Special thanks to Brendt Barbur, festival director and his dedicated staff. Now in its ninth year the Bicycle Film Festival has announced almost all of its tour dates.

Memphis MAY 29-30

New York JUNE 17-21

Bike Ride NY to Philadelphia JUNE 26

Philadelphia JUNE 26

Pittsburgh JULY 2-4

Minneapolis JULY 8-11

Richmond JULY 10-11

SF JULY 14-18

Detroit JULY 17-18

Oakland JULY 19

Portland JULY 31-AUGUST 1

Austin AUGUST 5-9

San Diego AUGUST 8

Chicago AUGUST 12-15

Toronto AUGUST 19-22

Orlando AUGUST 21-22

Seattle AUGUST 22


Milwaukee AUGUST 28-29

Washington D.C. AUGUST 29


Lisbon SEPTEMBER 9-13

Vienna SEMPTEMBER 17-20

London SEPTEMBER 23-27

Las Vegas SEPTEMBER 25

Copenhagen SEMPTEMBER 30

Paris OCTOBER 7-11

Milano OCTOBER 14-18

Auckland OCTOBER 22-24

Denver OCTOBER 28-31

Melbourne NOVEMBER 5-7

Sydney NOVEMBER 11-14

Tokyo NOVEMBER 19-23

Miami DECEMBER 3-6

(Dates for Houston, Boston, New Orleans, Boulder, SLC and Montreal will be up soon)

First stop:
Memphis, Tennessee
Where they will be screening one of the first bicycle documentaries I helped to make:
Warriors: the bike race.

Check out this video of festival director Brendt, talking about the biking in NYC…made by Daniel Leeb of cinecycle.


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