Video from March Critical Mass, NYC

The Glass Beadian himself, Vlad…posted up this video of Critical Mass, as seen through a 180 degree lens.

NYC Critical Mass March 2009 – NYPD Harassment Continues from GlassBeadCollective on Vimeo.

Thanks for the great work Vlad.

3 comments to Video from March Critical Mass, NYC

  • nice video! really well edited.

  • jakerock

    Harassment? Not even close.

    Why dont you give me your bike and just go out and start punching cops in the face… If you want a confrontation to film, its not too hard to get one going.
    Cowardly behavior of the lowest order.

  • Mellow Yellow

    Jakerock, I am not sure what cowardly behavior you are referring to, or where you see cyclists intentionally inciting confrontation with police. I got a ticket in this ride (seen on the video) for walking my bike back along a one way street about 15 feet to see what was up with my friend who had just been singled out and was being issued a summons. Have you been on a ride? Do you know what police harassment is?

    And I’ll say this about the editing…good, but too much fast forward! I know the ride goes slow, but this was overcompensating!