Wool Cycling caps from Outlier.

Got this email from Tyler Clemens of Outlier.

“Earlier this spring, biking on the edges of Brooklyn Abe and Tyler of Outlier stumbled on an incredible stash of surplus tropical wool suiting. Never ones to let things go to waste, they snatched it up and turned it into the OUTLIER Tropical Wool Caps. Tropical wools are nothing like the heavy ichy stuff you think of when you think wool. These are the same fabrics that you’ll find in a $3000 summer suit and they make for a midweight cap with a fantastic look, fit and feel.

The OUTLIER Tropical Wool Cap is made in collaboration with master milliner Victor Osborne and designed with the highest attention to detail. Outlier started with Italian tropical wool suiting, known as the finest cloth in the world and graded in terms of a Super number. The higher the number, the finer the wool. These caps are all made from Super 80s or better, which means they will have similar performance qualities to our premium merinos. Perfect for riding across town and still looking refined and sophisticated on your next date.

The Super 80s are available in black and navy for $75.
The Highgrades are available in a dark blue nailhead and a light gray/blue for $90.

Fit wise, a small is 21.5 inches naturally and stretches to 22.5. A medium is 22.5 inches naturally and stretches to 23.5. A large is 23.5 inches naturally and stretches to 24.5. A traditional look with a modified four panel construction, fully lined and like all Outlier products made in New York City for style and quality.”


4 comments to Wool Cycling caps from Outlier.

  • Brian43ny

    You know the outlier stuff looks really cool but they get insane amount of free press stuff that is really expensive. $90 for a hat! $180 for pants and $200 for a sweat shirt.

    Sure it cost a lot to keep it locally made but are these guys fleecing the biking community?

  • Phil

    This organ donor should be wearing a bicycle helmet.

  • nice cap—a little similar to what I got from my cousin, but i think the material used is not the same. she got it from

  • Abe

    Just stumbled upon Brian43ny’s comment, a handful of months late but I’d still like to take a moment to address his question.

    Brian, you ask if we are fleecing the bike community, and the straight up answer is no. In fact far from “fleecing” we actually go to rather extraordinary measures to keep our costs as reasonable as possible without compromising quality and ethics.

    Yes if you compare a pair of our pants to a pair mass produced overseas using cheap labor and cheap fabrics then they may seem expensive. But we do all our production locally, and more importantly we are using the best performance fabrics currently on the market. Compared to other garments produced in comparable conditions and using comparable fabrics Outlier garments are actually incredibly cheap! Using standard bike and fashion industry markups, our pants really should be retailing for $300-400, yet we sell them for $180.

    We are able to do that because we cut out the middleman, we retail our products directly online, meaning our customers get prices closer to wholesale than the traditional “keystoned” prices. We went this route expressly because we had no interest in selling $300 pants. Yeah $180 may seem like a lot when placed against the cheaper end of the market, but we are in the business of producing high quality clothing. Go into a place like Barney’s or look at snowboarding pants made with Schoeller fabrics and you’ll see just how expensive stuff can get. Bottom line is we make high quality garments at the best possible price.

    If you don’t believe us please take a look at what our customers say. Or go ahead and buy a pair for yourself, we offer an unlimited 6 month return policy so if you get them and feel “fleeced”, return them and we’ll give you all your money back, no questions asked. We even cover the return shipping costs if you are in the US. That’s how strong we stand behind our product.