Your Bicycle is now ready, Monsieur.

Now in European travel, hotel guest are being offered…ah yes…Bicycles.

World bicycle domination continues.

Here is an article from the New York Times Travel section.

Europe on Two Borrowed Wheels
photo by: Stefano Buonamici for The New York Times
A bike path on Plaça d’Espanya in Barcelona near the Plaça de las Arenas.

Published: May 3, 2009
WHILE on vacation in Barcelona with her mother last month, Laura Caddick had seen a lot of people tooling around on red-and-white bicycles. But the bikes that she saw everywhere — part of the city’s bicycle-sharing program — were for use by local residents only.

Fortunately, Ms. Caddick’s hotel, ME Barcelona, had several bicycles for guests. “We rode down to the beach, then to the port and up to the Ramblas, stopping for drinks and lunch along the way,” said Ms. Caddick, a sportswear merchandiser from Liverpool, England. She and her mother each paid 20 euros, or $26.40 at $1.32 to the euro, to rent the bikes for four hours and felt they saw more of Barcelona than they would had they taken the Metro from their hotel. “We felt we were experiencing the city from a more local point of view.”

In recent years, from Paris to Rome, new urban cycling lanes and public bike-sharing programs have been gaining popularity. And while some travelers are not able to tap into all the cycling opportunities — in Paris, for instance, the check-out meters for the Vélib’, a public bicycle-rental program, will not accept most American credit cards (they lack a crucial microchip) — there are several hotels that offer guests use of bikes for a small fee or no cost at all.

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