Wednesday: Caption this Photo

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4th of July, Bomb Broadway…NYC

(art work by Greg Ugalde)


Strange Days-STOP!

Today was a really strange one. First I got this tweet from Prolly that some bicycle cops were ticketing people for riding brakeless fixed gears on the Williamsburg Bridge. I really hope this is just some random police fluke and not going to set off a wave of unwanted attention where we have to […]

Oops, I forgot to do Video Friday. So here is a bunch…

Normally every Friday I slap up a bunch of videos I find on the web. Well Tuesday is the new Friday right? Here you go with some office cubical time killers.

Mostly I raid the Fixed Gear blogs like: John Prolly.

Look, rail slides aren’t just for BMX and skateboards anymore and its […]

Cops ticketing brakeless fixies on the Williamsburg bridge.

Word spreading through the tweetosphere that NYPD is ticketing brakeless fixed gears. That’s a new one. This in from @johnprolly NYPD ticketing brakeless track bikes on the Williamsburg Bridge just now.

Another bike stolen

Tom had his White conversion stolen on 6/27/09. check the stolen bikes page for details.

New flickr photo pool

Inspired by this: (photo by: gritphilm) From the flickr pool: “Growing up Star Wars.”

I decided to start, “Growing up bike.” So as the guinea pig…here is my photo from the late 80’s showing how this early classic Pinarello inspired my teenage years. Now if this weren’t in black and white you’d see that […]

Michael Jackson dance ride tonight

After criticalmass and the afterparty at Abc NoRio, there will be a Michael Jackson dance ride. 10:30pm times up!”

Bike Blogger Series-CyclingWMD

I know It’s sad, two of my childhood stars have passed on. Michael I really loved watching your dance moves. They were like no other. You dazzled me as a kid until you got all weird and reclusive and white. Farah, you weren’t my favorite angel but a friend of mine had your […]

New feature…write this craig’s list ad

Here’s a new game, come up with the Craig’s list ad for this picture.