David August goes to the races

When aspiring roadie David August Trimble emailed me about needing a press pass to cover the Philadelphia International Championship, I thought maybe he’d written to the Velonews by mistake. I mean this is the blog were I rant about cops giving tickets to cyclists not something as prestigious as one of America’s premiere cycling […]

Not a Figment of your imagination, this weekend its the Figment Festival on Governors Island

This weekend, a great place to bike around is Governors Island and even more so because its the annual Figment festival.

This small island off of Manhattan is transformed into a participatory art and culture center with all kinds of hands on art installations and performance art.

More info at […]

Bicycle Film Festival 2009-NYC

Bicycle Film Festival NYC-We got an Art Show, Block Party, GoldSprints, Bands, and lots of Bike Movies. June 17th-21st. Get tickets now, for a day or pass for the whole damn thing!

Wednesday, June 17th 6:00 PM | Bikes Rock South Street Seaport The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion The Teenagers, and Special Guests […]

New shorts from Outlier

Ok, I know it feels like we live in Portland Oregon with the rain and all but someday it’s going to be Summer…I think.

When it does, you’re going to need to be cool and cool.

so here are some new products from the guys at Outlier. From their site: “Summer after summer passes […]

Update on Summer Streets-Vanderbilt

got an email from Gita,

This past Sunday was the first of this year’s Brooklyn Summer Streets. That’s when the city closes off a few streets to vehicular traffic and open it up to who the streets belong to…the people.

here is a flyer for the ongoing event: a report back from Gita: “Summer […]

Bike Blogger Profile of the week-Anita Singh

Today we bring it back home to Brooklyn, NY.

Anita Singh is a bicycle enthusiast who writes the blog:

She started the site to have fun group rides with her friends and meet new bikers.

Now she finds cool local events, fashion tips and most recently has a thing or two to […]