Bike thefts on the rise again.

Seems like its that time of the year.
I have been posting some recent bike thefts on my stolen bikes page.
If you have any information about these bikes please email the contacts listed.

Looks like even WNYC’s Brian Lehrer had his bike stolen according to a recent status report on Facebook (subscription required)


Brain…if you’re out there, send me some information about how and when.

3 comments to Bike thefts on the rise again.

  • It doesn’t really matter what your bike looks like any more. They are stealing just about anything any where any time. We should start trying GPS trackers – on Ebay for 175.oo cheaper than a new bike and if a lot of people start using them the insanity will stop and arrests will be made because you will have the satisfaction a busting the aholes yourself.
    You locate you bike and phone 911 – simple.

  • CR

    Yes, but don’t you then need to prove to the NYPD that the bike is actually yours? I joined this , but is that enough? What else would I need to show the cops that the bike belongs to me?

  • Maurice

    I suggest we organize ourselves and organize sting operations whereas we leave bikes as baits on the street and wait… A dozen citizen arrests will quickly bring this bike thefts to a steep decline. The question is who do they sell them to?