Cops ticketing brakeless fixies on the Williamsburg bridge.

Word spreading through the tweetosphere that NYPD is ticketing brakeless fixed gears. That’s a new one. This in from @johnprolly NYPD ticketing brakeless track bikes on the
Williamsburg Bridge just now.

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  • This day was coming…

  • Rusty Bridges

    I didn’t even know it was against to law to ride without breaks. Don’t they have more important things to do?

  • Yes, working brakes are required by law. As stated by Transportation Alternatives on their new Biking Rules site:


    VTL § 1236 (a) and (e) Bicycles must have a white headlight, a red taillight and reflectors between dusk and dawn.
    (b) Bicycles must have a bell or other audible signal.
    (c) Bicycles must have working brakes.
    (d) Bicycles must have reflectors, reflective tires and/or other reflective devices.

  • jakerock

    Thanks for the headsup… I am just about to head that way!
    Maybe I will try the south path!

    The transalt site says you can get out of light and bell tickets – “…procure the missing gear, bring it to the officer’s precinct, and the ticket will be forgotten.”
    Hopefully this will work for brakes too.

    How much are tix for brakeless?

    I hope I am not about to answer my own question.