Lots went on this weekend.

I doubt I’ll be remotely able to catch up with all that went on this weekend in the last days of Bike Month.

Friday there was midnight “Kierin” style racing on the desolate streets of Greenpoint Brooklyn.
Basically an elite group of NYC’s finest urban riders did some “street racing.”
3583510394_90a99ed725_b(photo from Prolly’s flickr set.)

John Prolly has a few pictures and a short report.
–More pictures…
3579071283_922cf4ea7f_o(photo from dollparts)
from Dollparts flickr set.)

–Meanwhile, there was NYC Critical Mass, report to come, but it sounds like the NYPD were playing their usual game of “hardball,” ticketing cyclists for daring to ride their bike in a group…during bike month…such nerve.
Meanwhile in hundreds of other civilized cities around the world, where bike riding is supposed to be encouraged…like, San Paulo, Brazil:
3585588347_be5779db1f_b(photos by: aleperenyi)
San Jose:
3585310857_4539577de2(photo by: M_rock)
3586011888_9bef348c91(photo by: manic street preacher)
Even Detroit, for crying out loud!:
3586028582_363e34bddc(photo by: Iodox)

Listen, people…just because it was bike month doesn’t mean you can go do something disruptive to the poor drivers and inconvenience them for 10 minutes…by riding bikes…sheesh.

BTW, I was reading the post today at work and they mentioned there has been an increase in crime in the supposedly “fancy” West Village, including the mugging of a 91 year old man. Thank Goodness, the NYPD are busy giving tickets to cyclists in full force.

–Meanwhile, Congratulations to: Denis Menchov, for winning this years 100th Giro D’Italia.

More info at Also you can take a quiz there and guess who will win this year’s Tour De France.

This weekend was also the ECMC (European Cycle Messenger Championships),
Tons of photos floating around Flickr and there was a pool created, here.
The full results are here.
I especially love these photos from:
Just (collective)

3578677755_984127e8d0_o(look in the background, it’s our own Kym Perfetto.)

Also this weekend…John Prolly, pointed out that it was Shiokaze 09, fixed gear weekend in Japan.

Also lots of photos on flickr.
3584446763_1fbab0f911_b(photo from: hello_mynameis_1sway

–On Sunday, there was a number of events in NYC including Time’s Up Doggie Pedal Parade.

Chris Ryan from Team Spider obviously not getting the memo brought his cats: Snotty and the Rat.

–There was also the Bike Jumble in Park Slope. Brooklyn’s first bicycle swap meet.
Cyclingwmd was on hand and wrote about it on his blog.


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