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So maybe the fact that I’m only ranked 31st best bicycle blog is because I don’t do enough for fashion. Well here is what I think is the best fashion I’ve seen on a bike in a while:


Yes, that’s 30 Rock’s own Tracy Morgan dressed as a cell phone on the set of a new Kevin Smith movie called: “A Couple of Dicks.”

Maybe I tend to steer clear of fashion trends when it comes to biking because of the clueless nature of the established fashion world.

Like this recent Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) contest called: “Biking in Style Challenge.”

060309bike5(Designed by Jessica Velasquez)

The idea here was to have FIT students come up with a contest to make clothes that were easier to bike in, and of course still look cool, as if this is some sort of impedance to being able to ride your bike.
challenge533(photo by: Marilynn K. Yee/The New York Times)

Here is a recent article by Eric Wilson, from the NYTimes called: Project Bike Lane.

There are many reasons why New York City commuters have been hesitant to bicycle to work in greater numbers: personal safety, the scarce availability of bike racks and the weather, among them. A perhaps more superficial, though still important, consideration is figuring out something to wear that will be both functional and professional looking. Or, at the least, something that will not show grease stains.

read the rest of it here.

Yeah…I’m a little more concerned about not becoming the hood ornament of a guy in his Escalade who’s too busy talking on his phone while driving then to think about if my poncho matches my pedal pushers.

This contest is co-sponsored by a Renaud Dutreil, a big shot at luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, a 51 year old who rides his bike everyday.
our ol pal Donna Karan, fashion maven behind DKNY, who had the brilliant idea last year to chain up orange bicycles around the city to some how promote biking even though no one could ride them, not even all the folks in town for fashion week. I mean what sense does it make to promote biking…by biking?

dkny7(from article 806)
They also had a far to similar resemblance to the white ghost bikes which also can’t be ridden because their owners are dead, killed by cars while biking.

Here are some clothes by my friends at Outlier, getting you ready for summer…
A note from designer Tyler:
As the summertime heat kicks up, Outlier has only one goal for their newest pants, to make them feel like they aren’t there at all. The Outlier Summer Editions are made from a light weight breathable material that actually wicks moisture from the inside and repels water from the outside so you always feel comfortable and dry even in the humidity and passing summer showers. Perfect for those long summer days that take you from the office to the beachside breezes.

The Summer Editions are available in both Outlier’s classic OG Pant cut and the new slim Climber cut for $220. Pale gray, limited edition.

(I know $220 for pants are expensive, but these guys are bikers and know a thing or two about fashion and durability.)

Now back to some more clueless insulting stuff. Let me get this straight, we want to promote biking in the city and decrease automobile congestion, which is why the DOT is closing streets to cars and putting in more bike lanes…but we still allow this?
Giant advertisements on trucks who clog up the streets with the soul mission of promoting products, and its a freakin HUMMER, the most polluting vehicle on the planet which is now defunct (thank God) cause GM is broke.


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  • TD

    some chinese manufacturing conglomerate is buying the Hummer brand. They’ll be back in some bizarre Chinese incarnation before long.

  • some chinese manufacturing conglomerate is buying the Hummer brand. They’ll be back in some bizarre Chinese incarnation before long.