Now you can donate to a really great cause.


Oh, sure you could give money to one of those environmentally friendly places like the Sierraclub or locally to Time’s Up

or maybe the animal rights wrestling site:


or why not support a really great service to the cycling community…

I’ve set up a donation button (top left column) if you are feeling charitable in these times of great economic prosperity. I don’t have any flashy tote bags (yet) but I promise to continue my hard work and dedication, oh yeah and to blog too.

Next week, I’ll be setting up a survey to find out my readers cycling habits, what they are interested in and how I can stalk–I mean find ways I can improve this blog.

I mean if all my readers gave just $1.00, then I could get Sally Struthers on a bike and then have raised at least $5.00.

Thanks MG

2 comments to Now you can donate to a really great cause.

  • Ivana

    Sorry, but I really don’t understand the logo that you’re using. Why? It’s so insensitive. Animals are perishing and you’re killing them virtually. Not very good.

  • joseangel

    i think that the logo is good because you put the animals like strong beings, that are not totally indefense, you show their good and strong side hhahaha and is more spectacular the people will look more this logo that the original