Oops, I forgot to do Video Friday. So here is a bunch…

Normally every Friday I slap up a bunch of videos I find on the web. Well Tuesday is the new Friday right? Here you go with some office cubical time killers.

Mostly I raid the Fixed Gear blogs like: John Prolly.

Look, rail slides aren’t just for BMX and skateboards anymore and its a really good way to rack your nutz. Come on, you’ll need those for procreating and for even attempting some crazy shit like this.

MIKE CARNEY MPLS from vincent shim on Vimeo.

Speaking of not just for skaters anymore, McCarren Park Pool, once home to a whole series of concerts is now getting a skatepark and here is Prolly himself showing off with his pals some nice fixed gear tricks.

BFF09 Week Edit pt. 2 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

This was his edit of the Bicycle Film Festival Weekend.

Meanwhile, half way around the world, NYC’s top rider, Wonka is tore it up in Paris…

Gorilla in Paris Teaser 3/4 from GORILLa Bicycles. on Vimeo.

Wonka went out there to put to the grind, Gorilla Bicycles hand built in Italy by legendary frame builder Giovanni Pelizzoli creator of the Ciocc, (say like CHEE-OH-CH) but like say it really Italian like.

A video from Japan:

SHIBA FRIDAY6.26 from Fixy Life on Vimeo.

And an even more exotic location: Philadelphia…
Especially when its the Shark Fin Comp.

Shark Fin Trick Comp from Drew Leshko on Vimeo.

And Portland Oregon:

JFK All Day from matt shapiro on Vimeo.

Then heading over to for some videos form the Calshot Velodrome just south of England. I really like this helmet cam action.

Black Canon Collective – June ’09 Calshot Velodrome from Andrew Denham on Vimeo.

Then believe it or not I found some videos that are not fixed gear related:
Check out the Animal Mountain Bike team and how they get this farmer dude involved.

Now for some oldies:
Richmond Virginia, Slaughterama 6, for the world’s greatest tall bike joust-

Here is some insanely fast rollers:

and from the 2008, Bicycle Music Festival in San Francisco-
Remember to tip your bikers and your bartenders-

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