Report back from Memphis BFF.

Cort Percer wrote me this great recap from last weekends Bicycle film festival.


–“As Memphis’s first BFF and a kickoff to the 2009 BFF year, I would say that things went splendidly. Memphis is a bit small so instead of the usual 4-day BFF we decided to focus on the core and held a 2-day event to be remembered. Even though the official festivities weren’t scheduled to start until Friday, that didn’t stop some old friends from showing up Thursday night and joining myself and “AB Chomps” for a few pitchers. Last call is 3AM so I went home to get some rest (my earliest night) while a Baton Rouge contingent pedaled around getting oriented.

Friday daytime was spent running errands (laundry, spoke cards, rearranging the fridge to accomodate more beer…) Other BFF Team Members decorated the exterior of the Brooks Museum and set up space for the Bike Valet. Brent Barbur arrived and made business with his Blackberry while folks from New Orleans, Birmingham, Baton Rouge and Memphis checked out some scenery. Around 6pm I hauled bikes to the nightclub Nocturnal as folks from Nashville pulled into town and we set up the roller races (opensprints).


We missed the 7PM screening but were able to get everything tight (so we thought) in time for the 9PM screening. Myself and a group of about 15 Nash-villains pedaled to the Brooks Museum and checked our bikes. There was a good crowd there, about 200 for the screening. So that means that 200 more people have seen your movie. After the films the majority of people pedaled back to Nocturnal for sprints. As the girls were racing prelim heats one of the bikes tipped over. Somehow the fork wasn’t tightened sufficiently into the mount. Fortunately the young lass only had her pride hurt and we were able to switch out bikes. But now I owe my friend a new fork. The heats started for the guys and ran pretty late; some people had to leave and others didn’t hear their name called which, combined with speed, persistence, and only a few beers, allowed me to win the sprints. My prize, a Castelli wool jersey, was unfortunately swiped before we left for the afterparty. Whereabouts are still unknown.

At the afterparty libations flowed down our dry throats and took several of us up. Up into an oak tree in the front yard. It was there that a rally-cry for the rest of the weekend was spawned: “I’m on a OAK!” At 6AM we were out of beer so five of us headed out for more. We made it as far as the Barksdale Restaurant and sat down for breakfast. We finally made it home at 8:30AM, just in time for my girlfriends alarm to sound so she could go set up the block party for the festival.
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Day 2. After four hours of sleep several of us pedaled to Central BBQ (I know the BFF is vegetarian, but you can’t come to Memphis and not have Q.) From there we pedaled to the Brooks Museum and caught the Block Party. There were a couple of pick-up games of polo then everyone filed in for the screening of Road to Roubaix.

After that there were more pick-up games while I and some volunteers made final preps for the alleycat. One of the checkpoints was the riverboat landing where people had to ride a stretch of cobblestones, circle a cone and come back. Many people said that they were ecstatic when they saw the cobblestones; Road to Roubaix had pumped them up! The alleycat ended with a slip’n’slide into what eventually became a mud puddle.

The winners were Mike Crouch (1st & 1st out-of-towner) and Megan Miller (1st girl). For their prizes they recieved growlers from local brewery Bosco’s (brewed with water from Memphis’s aquifers!) After the race everyone went to wash the mud and sweat from their bodies before heading to Murphy’s for the Bikes Rock! show. It was a packed house with 4 bands playing: River City Tanlines, Girls of the Gravitron, Magic Kids, and The Warble. After that there was more afterpartying, more breakfast, more “I’m on a OAK!” and at that point the police showed up and laughed at everyone in the tree. A 10AM bedtime and no voice means I was still asleep when everyone left so I didn’t get to say any good-byes but I did get some nice thank-you notes on the fridge, as well as a 12-pack of Pabst.

We started a Flickr pool at so you can check out photos from the weekend. If you have any questions about anything just let me know.

I’m on a OAK!

Cort Percer

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