Time’s Up in the news

The longest running bicycle activist and education group in NYC, Time’s Up, made the news twice in one week for their hard work and dedication.


First to the Daily News with this article on the battle for the Kent Ave. Bike lane.

No more lane excuses Bikes & cars will peacefully co-exist on Kent Ave.
article by: Erin Durkin
Dailynews, Monday June 8th
*Mar 14 - 00:05*Desk email(photo from Keh of DailyNews)
photo description: Time’s Up!-a Brooklyn based environmental awareness and non-polluting transportation activist group organized an event to warn drivers to steer clear of bike lanes.

article: THE BATTLE between cyclists and motorists for room on Kent Ave. is finally over.

A new city Transportation Department plan makes room for both bike lanes and parking along the street.

When the city put up No Stopping signs and installed bike lanes on both sides of the Williamsburg/Greenpoint thoroughfare last fall, cyclists said it was a much-needed safety improvement.

But many residents and business owners hated the lanes, saying they made parking and deliveries impossible.

Read the complete article: here.

also Jefferson Siegel got the cover of the Villager with the Time’s up doggie pedal parade.


and this blurb:
Cyclists ‘pup their rides’
Laurie Mittelmann got ready to roll with Princess at Sunday’s Doggie Pedal Parade. The ride highlighted bicycles adapted to transport pets and promoted the adoption of homeless animals. Sponsored by Time’s Up!, the parade started at Tompkins Square’s dog run, stopping at several animal hospitals and community gardens along the way, before ending at the Washington Square dog run.


Nice work.

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