Lawsuits and Press Release

Christopher Long is suing the NYPD for his tackle in Time’s Square and their covering it up.

There are other lawsuits floating around as well against NYC’s “Finest.”

Here is a bit from a recent press release from environmental group: Time’s Up.

“The City is being sued for $1.5 million for trying to cover […]

Check out the new launch of Sierra Club Trails

From the Sierra Club: What makes this site unique is that it’s a wiki – i.e. anyone can update or edit the trails that are posted. So if I post a trail in, say, Yosemite, and you’ve been there recently and saw that part of the trail is really muddy, or the bugs […]

Mont Ventoux T’s

from Urban Hunter.

Check out

From riding eight bridges in NYC to single track in Italy… Check out

Over 100,000 trails for biking and hiking.

Core 77 and the Dutch Master

No it’s not something you hollow out and put weed into:

Come on, Amsterdam and Weed…that’s crazy talk.

No, Core 77 is rater hip industrial design magazine, which is bringing forth the Dutch Master Project: Its a bicycle in the “Dutch” classic style made locally. From their site: “Core77’s Dutch Master From Where […]