Another bike stolen-Jun Sugai

I was locking my bike with Chain+Pad Lock w. Kryptonite on rear wheel..
Motherfucker cut the arms of Pad Lock with Bolt cutter.

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4 comments to Another bike stolen-Jun Sugai

  • cr

    I’m curious to know what kind of padlock was being used. It be interesting (and hopefully useful) to compile a database of what kind of lock was cut/destroyed by what kind of tool.

  • You gotta use the krypto chain as well. Anything less they’ll pop in two seconds… especially for a ride like that.

  • Brian43ny

    There is a reason people ride junkers around. No idea how much that bike is worth but it looks like several thousands easy. It sucks that we have we can’t keep our bikes safe, but I don’t lock up my $500 bike up because I don’t want it stolen. This can’t be a surprise to the owner or anyone else.

  • NEXT time, use a case-hardened security chain with a MONOBLOC style padlock. Like they sell @ BikeRegistry for 35 bucks. No cuttin the arms off a monobloc lock, cause there is nowhere for the bolt cutter to access the shackle.