Bike Blogger Profile-ZLOG in Seattle

Many websites, video collectives and blogs are at the forefront of the free style fixed gear craze. One of those is Zlogblog out of Seattle.
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Here is my interview with creator, Zach Hoffner.

Name, age and where you live (ride)

Zach Hoffner, 23, Capitol Hill Seattle, Washington

What bikes do you own?

My main bike is a Krabo pursuit track. It was handmade in Germany and has a pink/pearl paint job that really turns heads. I also have a Davidson pursuit track frame that I broke and had repaired. As well as a Carbon Trek 5200 that doesn’t get ridden often enough.

What will be your next bicycle?

My next bike will be a Sizemore, built by my good friend Taylor Sizemore or possibly a trick frame like the Milwaukee Bruiser or Volume Cutter.

Name of your blog, how long you’ve been writing it and how did you get started?

Zlog Blog; I have been going strong for a little over a year. I was blogging for a streetwear shop called Winners Circle and I felt like Seattle was lacking a bike blog. I started the Zlog with the intentions of occasionally posting about bike stuff and then it just grew into a full out bike blog.

Who else contributes to zlog?

As of now, I am the only person who posts on Zlog, although many people contribute by directing me to articles, photos and videos. People send me fliers and videos all the time and I do my best to post the ones I feel my audience will appreciate most.

Who reads zlog?

Fixed gear riders, freestylers, hill bombers, alleycat racers, bike nerds, people who sit at a desk and wish they were riding a bike and people who want to know whats hot in the fixed gear scene. I have a pretty decent audience all over the world and I’m stoked on that.

How you got into freestyle fixed gear riding?

I would go to Fast Friday every month and watch the best trick competition. At that point people like Keo were inventing the tricks that we are all doing today. I saw that there was a ton room for growth in the sport and that is what attracted me. If it wasn’t for amazing friends who were supporting and willing to teach, then I probably would have stopped after my first skid. Now its all

Where do you like to session?

Various skate spots. I try to switch it up depending on what I am trying to learn. I have been working on wheelies lately, so I tend to just ride through the city and wheelie around.

Who rides with you, who do you follow? Who is pushing it to new levels?

I try to ride with people who will push me to my limits. Jay, Daniel V, Maiki, Pavel, & Ponch are always riding like bats out of hell and I like to ride with them; they make me faster. When I’m tricking around I enjoy riding with Chris Clappe, Jacob Ruff, Justin Av, Tyler J. They are pushing the trick scene to new levels and they encourage me to keep learning new tricks.

What do you think about the rise in popularity of the scene? The trends? Like selling fixed gears at urban outfitters? (for example)

I think the the rise in popularity is good as long as it stays positive and gets people on bikes. Trends come and go and so do the people who buy into the trends. Bikes are healthy, we need more healthy trends.

What have you learned about video taping the scene?

I’ve learned that people really appreciate being filmed and they tend to push themselves harder. Capturing a video of a trick that has never been done before is pretty rewarding.

Whats the scene like in Seattle? Are new riders catching on? Other bike scenes in c-town.

There are so many different scenes, but everyone knows each other. It is kind of like one big bike community with different branches. There are alleycat races, messenger races, freestyle comps, emerald sprints, polo tourneys, scavenger hunts, slow rides, fast rides. Something for everyone. As for the new riders, its always good to see new faces.

Future video goals.

I would like to do a full length Zlog video.

Future blog goals.

Expanding it into a larger, more in depth website.

Future cycling goals.

I want to ride in every major city and film it.

Some Zlog videos:

The Butcher from ZLOG on Vimeo.

Tyler’s day out. from ZLOG on Vimeo.

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