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You love him, you hate him…you love to hate him. Not that this guy needs anymore promotion but the most popular bikeblogger, the bike snob got a story in the NY Times. I love him cause when ever I tell people I have a blog about biking in NYC, they say…oh, are you the bike snob?

For the Bike World, Tough Love From a Self-Described Snob

26bike600.1(photo by: Christian Hansen for The New York Times)
INCOGNITO The Bike Snob poses for a portrait, preserving his anonymity.

Published: July 24, 2009

“He keeps a day job in the publishing industry. He rides his bike to work in Manhattan from Brooklyn. He’s married. He enjoys a margarita. He’s an enthusiastic bike racer, but not a terribly good one.
Those were a few of the personal details the Bike Snob was willing to reveal. He agreed to meet for a Tex-Mex dinner in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, on the condition that a reporter not disclose his real name, lest the world learn the true identity of the crankiest and most talked-about bike blogger of the moment. (Anonymity is, after all, the central element of his online persona.)

Since introducing his blog,, in the spring of 2007, the Bike Snob has emerged as a fierce and entertaining critic. His following includes Lance Armstrong, who is finishing the Tour de France this weekend and was photographed not long ago wearing one of the Bike Snob’s “Seal of Disapproval” T-shirts. Bicycling magazine, the country’s largest cycling publication, hired him to write a column, and next spring, Chronicle Books will publish a Bike Snob book.
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