Core 77 and the Dutch Master

No it’s not something you hollow out and put weed into:

Come on, Amsterdam and Weed…that’s crazy talk.

No, Core 77 is rater hip industrial design magazine, which is bringing forth the Dutch Master Project:
Picture 6
Picture 8
Its a bicycle in the “Dutch” classic style made locally.
From their site:
“Core77’s Dutch Master
From Where It Began…
With a nod to New York’s Dutch heritage, the Dutch Master acknowledges the reemergence of European city bikes across America and New York City’s recent bike-friendly embrace. With its styling from the early 20’s, its vintage-inspired graphics on the custom-engraved badge and cable clips, and the Dutch Master cigar references, the bike reinterprets the common object into its premium expression, marrying the best of classic and contemporary.”

Two people and companies I really respect are helping with this project:
KT Higgins from Velo Brooklyn.
Picture 9

and Worksman Cycles, from Ozone Park Queens.

Read more about KT from this local Bushwick site.
Velo Cycles is located at:
(347) 405-7966

So far there are only 25 of these limited edition rides being made (hey, they are made with local pride) and a few are on view until the 18th at the NYC ACE hotel. which you can ride your bike to at 20 West 29th.

You may want to smoke a fat blunt before deciding to drop more then $1500.00 on one of these. (Hey, they are made with local pride, which you don’t get in Saipan.

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