Damn, more stolen bikes

Be on the look out for this ride:
Stolen in NYC on July 3rd.
More info at the Stolen Bikes Page

4 comments to Damn, more stolen bikes

  • Brian43ny

    Sucks that this was stolen. But someone locked this up outside?

  • Johnson

    Was the bike stolen or the bake brake and pedals? Also the reflectors?

  • Jjjgss

    Why shouldn’t they lock it up outside with a decent lock. I’ve locked a nicer bike up outside for years and I still have it. Tempting fate, I know, but what’s the point of having a bike meant for transportation that you don’t ride for transportation??

  • Why don’t you “who stole mah bike?” whiners be a little more responsible?? You ride in an area where bikes are pilfered on a daily basis. Yet what proactive ACTION do you take?? NONE. There are FREE public bikeregistry services available on the net that greatly assist in recovery. But NO, you do nothing till its time to whine. Take a few minutes to register and TAG it in advance of something happening to it!
    Once gone, IT IS TOO LATE to do anything proactive.