Lawsuits and Press Release

Christopher Long is suing the NYPD for his tackle in Time’s Square and their covering it up.

There are other lawsuits floating around as well against NYC’s “Finest.”

Here is a bit from a recent press release from environmental group: Time’s Up.

“The City is being sued for $1.5 million for trying to cover up the attack of Christopher Long, who was violently thrown off his bicycle by police officer Patrick Pogan while riding through Times Square during a July 2008 Critical Mass ride. The police report filed by Pogan claiming that Long deliberately drove his bike into him and sent both of them falling to the ground during the July 25th Critical Mass Ride was proven false when a video was posted on YouTube showing Long peacefully riding through Times Square when grabbed by Pogan. Numerous other lawsuits have been filed by other cyclists whose civil rights have been violated as a result of the NYPD’s harassment campaign against group bicycle rides.”

Read the whole thing here.

2 comments to Lawsuits and Press Release

  • The US is such a litigious society. It seems a shame you have to resort to huge law suits to get decent treatment. It’s only lawyers who benefit from this.

  • ppppppppppppp

    1) @ tejvan, in most of the cyclists’ cases, its good lawyers fighting the good fight even when they may not earn a dime defending black kids from bushwick arrested for mourning a fallen friend and comrade!!!!!! viva SCARP!

    2) re. the press release, you know that x-up has NOTHING whatsoever to do with this law suit, right??!! they actually REFUSED to offer monetary support to Long when it was considered that he may need it to obtain proper legal representation!