Michael Jackson Ride.

Last Friday, 6/26, we set out to the streets of Manhattan to celebrate Michael Jackson’s music with an impromptu Dance Bike ride organized by Time’s Up!. Dancing to Jackson tunes, played through the speakers mounted on the sound bike, we started the ride downtown with about 30 cyclists. The numbers kept growing as other cyclists and pedestrians, passing by, decided to join the fun. After dancing in Astor Cube, we walked our bikes so people on foot could continue on to Union Square where we ended the ride with hundreds of enthusiastic fans dancing to his classic songs, including Thriller, Billie Jean and Beat it. We kept dancing until the last bit of battery was left in the sound bike to belt out just a couple more, “beat it”s”

**Join Time’s Up! for another Michael Jackson Dance Ride on July 24, 2009**
See Time’s Up for more info

Michael Jacson Tribute Dance Ride 06.26.09 from Time's Up! on Vimeo.

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