Montreal Moving company…on bikes

This article from the Toronto Star about a moving company all on bikes:

Pedals power Montreal’s moving day
0709f162404096b1e8e28996d63f-1(PETER MCCABE FOR THE TORONTO STAR
Transport Myette worker Dominique Thibaut prepares to haul a load of furniture by bicycle trailer to a client’s new home in Montreal)
June 30, 2009.
MONTREAL – You’d expect to see something like it in Bangkok or Beijing. A small bicycle trailer piled to teetering heights with a dresser, a keyboard, a queen-size mattress, a futon, a bed frame and two not-so-tiny armchairs.

After a momentary slip of the gears, the sweat-drenched worker is on his way, zipping to his destination as part of Canada’s most novel moving method: bicycle.

Today is not just Canada Day: July 1 also marks the annual, chaotic rite of passage for renters in Montreal, who, if they’re planning a move, typically schedule it for today.

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