NYC Bike the Bars.

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Ok so apparently July is “Good Beer Month.” Thank God, cause I’ve been drinking crappy beer for the last 11. Whew. Oh, yeah and I read about this in Gothamist, today…7/21/09, which is, ah, almost the end of July. It seems as if Mayor Bloomberg, that purveyor of fine craft brew, proclaimed July the month of beer. Also there was an article in the New York Time’s city room blog about this.

So when was this announced to the press? Yesterday? Seems like some bad promoting. Must be the city trying to minimize too many people enjoying themselves on a bicycle. Then two friends ride with two more friends and the next thing you know they are meeting the last Friday of the month.

There wasn’t much information on this site:

or on this flyer:
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But thanks to some digging on the fixed gear forum and facebook, I got the scoop:

Mayor Bloomberg has proclaimed July to be Good Beer Month in NYC. Come celebrate with a group bike ride from DBA in Williamsburg to Spuyten Duyvil to Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village.

Meet at DBA (113 N. 7th St. at Berry) at 2pm.

Helmets strongly encouraged!

Beer Specials for Cyclists!
At Jimmy’s No.43 “Show Your Bike Key” Special: $4 Pints of All American Craft Beers
At Standings Bar (upstairs from Jimmy’s): FREE PIZZA with microbrew purchase for cyclists on the Bike to the Bars Ride!

Maybe some bike riding libations will help ease tensions in this city between cyclists and pedestrians, especially after this video hits the blogosphere:

Looks like someone caught on tape a cyclist beating on a pedestrian with his u-lock.
Great, more fuel for the fire of the ongoing hatred of cyclists from the anonymous commenters on Gothamist or the NY Post editorialists. Ok, I know, nobody deserves this kind of abuse…but really, after being in NYC for more than 20 years…this type of thing happens all the time. The streets are practically one giant fight club. Normally, I’m being threatened with motorists favorite weapon…their car.

Still this is a pretty harsh video. I guess the cyclist should have been more gentlemanly about the whole affair. But it did seem like the other guy wanted to fight.

5 comments to NYC Bike the Bars.

  • Krupp

    Your right since the old guy wanted to fight he deserved a clocking.

    Must feel good to beat an old man down.

    Though a gentleman uses fists not metal to hit old men.

    I guess that lock is his brass knuckles.

  • Krypto

    There were enough details in the video to capture the cyclist, especially if he takes the Williamsburg Bridge every day.

  • Jim

    Incredible how many idiots come to the defense of this lock swinging moron

  • el taco

    the cyclist is a fkn dick. sorry, no excuses. if the old guy was asking for a fight, give him a fight….not a clubbing with a u-lock. show some real balls. notice he keeps going after the guy with the lock. dick move…. i’d like to meet him on the street, no u-locks, and crack him in the nose.

  • jack

    who knows the cyclist? he’s an asshole