Video Friday-7/24/09

Ok here is your daily fix of fixed:
From Prolly
Wonka ripping up some 180’s and 360’s at Peel Sessions off a home-made pallet wedge.

Wonka Wedge from John Prolly on Vimeo.

a trailer for a documentary, For Thousands of Miles. (from the site) “An independent documentary about the shift in perspective after traveling alone, for thousands of miles, by bicycle from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic ocean. Sharing people’s motivations to leave everything behind, and to understand what they each take away from their overwhelming and painful journey.

Teaser 016 from mike ambs ☂ on Vimeo.

here’s another:

Teaser 015 from mike ambs ☂ on Vimeo.

Big in Japan…from Starfuckers it’s Bike Carnival 2009. (warning: this video is 12 minutes long)

Bike Carnival 2009, ファンタジーレース,Fixed trick Jam ダイジェスト(not official) from ryo ubota on Vimeo.

found on Tracko
Kraftwerk played the Manchester Velodrome, complete with cyclists, 2/07/09…how rad is that.

Official videos from Tour De France’s YouTube site:

Uh-oh…looks like the Warriors race is coming to Vancouver in September.

The Warriors Race from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

More videos:

“Paris-Vision” Teaser from Androsky Knauer on Vimeo.

Too Funny, vintage cycling:

Cog magazine in Soul Korea

One Fine Day _ in seoul from inkon on Vimeo.

Trailer for Dan Leeb’s Anima D’Acciaio-

Anima D’Acciaio Trailer Ver5.1 from Cinecycle on Vimeo.

The worlds of hip hop and cycling finally collide in Keep Pedalling, the new film clip from Hugo and Treats. Filmed on one sunny day in Brunswick, North Melbourne, Australia, at the Brunswick Free Ride. No politics, just Bicycles. Directed by Colby Welsh, Josh Beahan and Hugo. Keep Pedalling, people.

Riding Tall Bikes in Jakarta with Tod Seelie of

Riding tall bikes in Jakarta from suckapants on Vimeo.

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