Video Fridays-7/3/09

a little about the project:

What do a tattoo artist, a kid’s club coordinator,
a bike mechanic, a musician, a bicyclist courier
and a physics scientist have in common? Exactly.
Five native Texans and a young man from
Argentina guide the story through the environments
they call home. They depict a story rich
with southern culture, friendship, and smooth
The documentary puts you in the front seat as
you explore the people and the places of Texas
and abroad. Adrenaline fueled thrill rides and
delicate technical tricks are captured in a way
unique to each rider. The story is filled with innovative
perspective that dissects the phenomenon
of fixed gear riding like never before.

This film did not make it into the BFF this year so here it is online:

RavenFeeders BFF edit from Jason Baker on Vimeo.

Thanks for posting this Prolly

Sweet HD found on tracko

THE REVIVAL/KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

Couple sweet lookin trailers from Vancouver with a documentary about their fixed gear scene:
Trailer one

Trailer two

Now its TOUR DE FRANCE TIME! get psyched.

a little about the Tour and Mark Cavendish from Mark Cavendish who talks about Mark Cavendish…did I mention Mark…oh.

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