Weekend Roundup and Randomness Round down.

Here is a bit of what went on over the weekend and some randomness.

Thanks to the Prolly,
I found out Urban Outfitters in selling bikes which you can mix and match the colors of parts and components.

Picture 17

This strangely represents Nike’s ID program which is kind of the same thing…only when it comes to customizing specific words like “sweatshop,” they won’t allow messages that hit to close to home. This is of course a whole nother story.
Picture 5
I’m all for bikes infiltrating the planet and being more widely available. Its kind of flattering that bikes are so “cool” now that you can treat them like a fashion accessory and some how order one sight on seen via the website. Republic bikes is making this service available through Urban Outfitters.

The only thing I have to say about this ridiculous notion is, please support your local bike shop, who happens to specialize in selling this thing called: bicycles and needs you to go to there and spend money on something you will hopefully have a lot longer then a pair of sneakers.
Sorry Urban Outfitters, I know you have ecco-conscious highly marketable green chic intentions in mind with this publicity stunt, but I highly doubt that any of your target audience is so isolated from the bike world that they have to go to your website to buy a bike.
I mean I dunno about other cities, but take Brooklyn for example. There are new bike shops popping up every day…in this supposed Economic “RECESSION” downturn.

I mean, when did this happen:

New Bike shop
468 Bergen St.

Does anyone know about this shop?
See, another bike shop…I don’t know if this place is any good or not, but they can use your help so if you can’t travel the 10 blocks to go to a local shop in Brooklyn such as:

Velo Brooklyn
1342 DeKalb Ave.
NYC Bikes (Spokes & Strings)
147 Havermayer St.
B Bikes
262 Driggs Ave.
the Bike Doctor
133 Grand St.
Lit Fuse Cyclery
409 Willoughby Ave
King Kog
455 Graham Ave.
Mr. C Cycles
4622 7th Ave.
Affinity Cycles
616 Grand St.
Brooklyn Bike and Board
560 Vanderbilt Ave.
Brooklyn Bikes
375 9th Ave.
The Bicycle Station
171 Park Ave.
Dixon’s Bike Shop
792 Union St.
On the Move
400 7th Ave.
BeSpokes Bicycles
64-B Lafayette Avenue,

just…go to your local bike shop. Besides UBland OUTskitters doesn’t sell color coded bike lock that you are going to need because I keep getting inundated with requests to post about stolen bikes.

I saw this sad sight on the corner of 13th and & 7th Ave in Park Slope…I hope this belongs to someone who lost their key during a wild performance at Celebrate Brooklyn, but I assume the worst.

Meanwhile did you catch Prolly’s Peel Sessions made the New York Times?

A Meeting of Dervishes With Fixed Gears

read the article here. Also a cool audio and photograph slide show, with John Watson, himself.

On Saturday, the Couriers invaded NYC.
for the 2nd annual Redbull and TrackstarNYC, Courier Classic:

Some pictures from Diablo of Cyclehawk couriers, who I believe came in 3rd.

and on a final note, I don’t normally do this sort of thing…which is more for the likes of Cycling WMD

But this is a sweet bike I saw today:

and my first road bike was a Pinarello…so there.

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