A message from the Reverend

It’s our Democracy, stupid! All problems can be traced to our inability to convene, to meet – physically – in public space. Meeting in public, the oldest form of Democracy, is also the most modern. It is resisted by a byzantine system of police permits, insurance, surveillance. Our campaign for mayor must pull the […]

Harlem community garden tout. August 29th

A great way to see the community gardens of Harlem.

Walk or bike.

Harlem gardens tour. Saturday, August 29th. A message from the parks department: We are delighted to report that the Parks & Recreation Dept. of NYC will be supplying transportation ( trolley) for our upcoming Harlem Gardens Tour. For those of you […]

Big weekend in Seattle

Ryan from go means go wanted to let everyone know about a bunch of bike events this weekend.

Also the bicycle film festival will be coming there for the first time. Sept. 10-11th