A message from the Reverend

It’s our Democracy, stupid!
All problems can be traced to our inability to convene, to meet – physically – in public space. Meeting in public, the oldest form of Democracy, is also the most modern. It is resisted by a byzantine system of police permits, insurance, surveillance. Our campaign for mayor must pull the wires out of the ears, get up off the couch, go outside and find more and more citizens… So this weekend, we’re using our headquarters as a musical trampoline – to jump out into the streets and parks. -Rev

Friends we hope you will come to one of the many events this weekend as we celebrate the successful signature drive and launch the next phase of the campaign. Join The Rise of the Fabulous 500 Neighborhoods.

Friday, August 21st, 6pm — Late at Head Quarters BANDS & BEER
Elect-a-lujah! : The Second Coming Fundraiser Bands and Dance Party ’til late, free beer until its gone
Featuring Hot Bands :: SQuamous Os / Big Pig / Champagne Sequins / Dolly Trolly / Amie Amis / Thrill Velocity / KY Wah

Saturday, August 22, 10 am — 1 pm at Head Quarters BLOCK PARTY
Whose Summer Streets? Our Summer Streets. This is the last block party of the month so stop by, say Hi, enjoy a car free Lafayette St. Live WVRB radio all day. Bring a shirt to print on. We welcome your baked goods!

Saturday, August 22, 5 — 9pm at Head Quarters ART & STRUGGLE
We host artist and activist collective ArtsAndStruggle’s opening reception for Far From Ordinary an exhibit of new work featuring art by:
Maryann E. Auguste Kožnar, Marissa Blaszko, Christopher Hutchinson, Libor Kožnar, Mariette Pathy Allen and more.
And don’t miss amazing live performances by SpiritChild, Rebel Diaz, Readnex, Adan (guitar/singer), Kahlil Kahn, Stephanie Rooker & Fesah Rollins

Sunday, August 23rd, 5 — 8 pm PICNIC
Elect-a-llujah Revival BBQ & Picnic at Queensbridge Park
Join The Life After Shoping Gospel Choir, Reverend Billy and the whole spirited team. We got coals, you bring edibles. Heavy rain cancels.

Vote Rev Billy Head Quarters is located at 250 Lafayette between Prince and Spring. Both the Block Party & BBQ/ Picnic are seriously family friendly. And once again, thank you to the many people who helped with the signature drive.

Join us!

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