Bike Theft Round up…

Well the bike thievery hasn’t taken a break this summer.
Here are some recent sad tales I’ve been sent. I apologize for the ones that were so late (I was on vacation)

The go backwards from most recent.
August 25th,
Will O’meara said his roomates bike was stolen from the hall of their building at 87th and York, on the night of 8/23. Similar to the pictures except it was yellow with SPD pedals.
Any information contact Will at or (914) 356-5084
The Poster says it all:
stolen web
I JUST got my bike stolen and a lot of people have pointed me to you, including Leah from Safe Walk where I started volunteering [so much for karma!]. I’ve felt really lost on this, and the cops are not much help …”you know it’s illegal to chain to city posts right?” REALLY guys? that’s all you’ve got? thanks…

I don’t really expect to find it again, but I want to put the word out to help make people aware that bike thieves are getting crazier.

My bike was stolen from the intersection of India and Franklin in Greenpoint late late night/early morning between July 14 & 15. Both wheels and frame were chained to a stop sign. someone cut the sign off and stole my bike over the top of the post!!! I never thought some one would do this! I always lock both wheels…but I NEVER thought a stop sign would get cut! Hopefully my loss can help other people safeguard against this.

My bike is a blackish surly steamroller, 3+ years of city road battle damage, black oury grips black front brake on the right handlebar, silver riser bar, silver cranks and chainring 49t [16t/18t flip flop back wheel fixed/fixed], silver toe clip cages with black double straps, black thomson seatpost, black uniciclator plastic seat. black deep v style wheels, front is a weinman dp 18 back is more generic w/soma hub.

odd that after 3 years i have no pictures, but it’s a generic frame i suppose. i made a flyer which i’m attaching.

thanks much for having this database. i don’t think i own anything i care about more.

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Hi Mike,

Came across your blog in Google tearfully searching for ‘find stolen bike nyc’.
Would you mind posting to your stolen bikes page?:
Black Trek Soho 1.0 (I know – not a tricked out single speed, but a real good bike nonetheless)
Stolen Jul 8th from bike rack at corner of 21st and Broadway.
When stolen, frame was nicely wrapped in tire inner tubes, had bright orange skinny cable threaded through under-seat, and kryptonite chain padlocked around the frame (padlock was jammed so was not using the ‘big lock’ – smaller lock clearly got cut – gah!).
Hundred dollar reward for anyone who can bring me back or give me info on my stolen yellow and black Panasonic dx-3000. it had black deep vs and was stolen from soho in broad daylight last Thursday.




I was alerted to this poster in the window of the Lakeside Lounge on Ave B.

It has been confirmed that this guy:
Stole the front wheel to this person’s bike:
Around the middle of July.


Not in NYC, but Portland…
Patrick and Jake from Pedal Consumption got their nice track bikes stolen and a whole mess of gear.

Read the details here: www.pedalconsumption

Lucky for them fellow film makers at Death-Pedal, are donating dvd sales to help them out:

Buy a copy at

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