More Stolen Bikes-roundup


Here are the latest stolen bikes in NYC, (that I know about)

A friend of mine who helped out with the video production of Rumble thru da Bronx had his old skool 10 speed nabbed:

“My Lotus Excelle was stolen from 124th and Broadway on Aug. 30 in the early afternoon. It had shitty foam grips that were stripped in the drops, cross levers, forte Kevlar tires. a red frog light up front, some no-name brand of red blinky in the back, and a newly installed (yesterday) black sunlite rear rack. The frame is tange 900 double butted cro mo. I’ve attached a couple of pictures (sadly they were the best I had). Anyone with info can reach me at Thanks.

August 27th

Description – Silver frame (non-lugged-newer road bike (not track)), black stem, fork, and seat post. Dura Ace headset, 105 crank, black Wellgo pedals, plastic toeclips, double leather straps, celeste (aqua green) Selle San Marco seat, bull horn handlebars with a front brake, and a silver front wheel with a black rear wheel.

contact Anthony:

August 26th
A Daily News reporter who recently wrote an article on biking in NYC had her Surly Steam roller lifted off a pole with no sign at the top. Yes they still steal bikes this way.


Thanks Mike.
It is a Surly Steamroller…painted blue and yellow with stickers all over it… front of Ave A and E. 12 Street….I was working the story of the homicide of the Forbidden City bouncer Sunday afternoon….they took the bike off a pole, with the U-lock attached.
How do they do that?

Simone Weichselbaum
Staff Writer
NY Daily News
212-210-1966 (office)
202-320-3598 (BBerry)


August 25th,

Fuji Track bike
It was stolen yesterday between 11am and 9:30pm. I parked it at a public bike locking station on 12th and 6th ave as I usually park there when I use the PATH to head into Jersey for client work and/or MMA practice. When I got back that night my bike was gone with no sign of my Onguard lock and chain.

The bike is 52cm and therefore roughly 28in stand over. It is a fixed gear, and has a front hand break. I am more than willing to give a $100 reward to anyone who has information that will help me recover it.


OD Ntuk

craig’s list posting

August 24th


Hi Michael,
Thank you for your help for my missing Bike.

My bicycle was stolen on 8/24 Monday, I left my bike in front of my building,
Elizabeth Street with a lock at 10:30 am. I came back to there a couple hours late, my bike was gone.

DAHON-eco Holding Bicycle 20″
Color: Black
I bought it on June 2009.

contact Miki

August 12th,
80’s Purple Zebra Stolen Wednesday 8/12 on North 12th Street btw Bedford and Berry in Williamsburg. Has a teal Bianchi seat which should be a dead giveaway because it is set really low and cannot be adjusted as it is fused to the frame. This thing stands out for surely. It is my girlfriend’s bike and she is bummed.
Email if you know what’s up.




Stolen ladies BLUE single speed bike w/ silver basket (Midtown West)

My beloved English vintage bike was stolen from Columbus Circle area – 60th Street between Broadway and Columbus, across from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. It’s a single speed, blue bike with a silver basket. The seat is very distinguishable ivory and blue.

It was stolen in the past week, so if you see or find it, or notice it being sold on Craigslist, please email me!

Thanks for your help.
contact Lindsay:

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  • sad to hear that the Surly was swiped :(

    great tip, write your name on a piece of paper and slide it down the tube where your seat post slides into.

    it’s frustrating to see so many bikes stolen so often and even more frustrating that so many new yorkers have no clue how to lock down their bikes (a cable alone is pointless in my opinion). Ive spent the past year documenting all of this and recently launched a site to help teach others how to do it right by pointing out examples of bad lock jobs. if you are interested in getting some tags and helping out, hit me up.

  • Jose

    my bike got stolent last week it was a brand new bike 3 weeks old a specialized langster 2010.
    the guy that stole it was caught on camera it was a messenger biker people around him were smoking and didnt bother. one person even tried to help him
    I tried to get his photo or the video from the security people in the building but they said only the police can have it.
    here a picture of it

  • Jose