Park(ing) Day and Pop Parks Competition

Picture 9Park(ing) Day is September 18th, 2009. This is where average New Yorkers and organizations reclaim public space by transforming parking spaces into Green zones.

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–The Idea

Park(ing) Day is an international event that reclaims parking spots and transforms them into engaging, people-friendly public spaces for one day a year.

Park(ing) Day NYC is a New York City Streets Renaissance collaboration which supports the conversion of parking spots throughout New York City’s 5 boroughs into human-friendly places for a single day. These small, temporary public spaces provide a breath of relief from the auto-clogged reality of New York City, and aim to spark dialogue about our valuable public space and how we choose to use it.

There will also be a POP park competition.

In 2009, the POP.Park Competition will transform Park(ing) Day NYC from a once-a-year act of reclamation to an everyday statement. The winning submission — transportable, affordable and easy to use–will add the immediate potential of public space to every block, every day of the year.

Call for Submissions

In celebration of Park(ing) Day 2009, Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) is hosting a new park(ing) spot competition. We’re bringing Park(ing) Day out of the box by challenging creative types to design a portable and affordable pre-fabricated POP.Park that people can use to reclaim public space each and everyday of the year. POP.Parks will be public spaces produced from readily available, reclaimed or post-consumer recycled materials that will emerge from a regular, cardboard box. POP.Park competition finalists will be invited to construct their prototype on Park(ing) Day 2009 and entries will be judged by POPular text-message voting. The winners will be announced at T.A.’s annual REDUX event and the winning POP.Park prototype will be fabricated and sold on the T.A. website.

POP.Park finalist entries will be included in a workshop at the upcoming Conflux Festival (Sept. 17-20th) which is an annual New York festival for contemporary psychogeography, the investigation of everyday urban life through emerging artistic, technological and social practice.

Register your spot by August 30th.

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