Video Friday…8/21/09

Ok, its back. My weekly bike video roundup.

First off a video by JC of Cyclehawk Studios.
Goldsprints from the NYC bicycle film festival in June.

Luke Stiles with the tattooed chest, dropping the hammer.

Eric Xue from grandmighty put this video together from when he tagged along with Resil,Manny,Axel and myself(Carl) for some filming in the east bay.
Gettin High with the Gnarcotix.

Now silly rabbit, freestyle fixed gear tricks are for kids. When the skinny jeans set start bustin these moves…then I’ll be impressed.

European Junior Championships Indoorcycling 2009 Carla Hochdorfer Henriette Hochdorfer Artistic Cycling Juniores Women Pair, European Champions 2009.

Now here is a video, remembering American sports legend, Marshall “Major” Taylor, track bike champion in an annual race in Boston.

Here is a video about Zack Hoffner from who I interviewed earlier. Its on his event in Seattle called, “Future Tense”

And this one found on,
Ah, those wacky, Italians:

Now this video is causing a lot of Hype…MC SPANDEX, Performance. A roadie rapping about Performance, the name of the game…and he always rides through the pain. Truly Hilarious.


For two days in London Europe descended on a piece of tarmac for what proved to be one of the exciting hardcourt bike polo tournament of the year.

And, Palms Cycles in LA..This is the first annual Quadcomp that palms Cycles has put on. Included best trick comp, foot down(not shown), and lbc sprints comp.

video about Brooklyn Machine Works:

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